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Good stuff this week

First up, via @jgarber:


And from Matt Haughey: Practical tips on selling a car on Craigslist. A clean car and decent-to-good photos (enlist a friend!) might read to you as some flavor of fibbing, but curb appeal is a real thing (I don’t think any of us are immune to it) and super duper worth the effort.

To Seem Confident, Women Have to Be Seen as Warm (by @margaritamayo & via stacy-marie ishmael’s #awesomewomen). Nothing about this is a surprise, but I think it’s worth sharing because it’s not surprising to/for women? If the concerns listed here aren’t yours, even as an intellectual exercise think about having to keep them top of mind while at the same time learning, excelling, etc.

And finally:
The Rock believes in you

Have a good week! :wave: