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Getting unstuck and some good stuff this week.

“What’s the smallest step I can take to get unstuck?”

This is my newest motto, courtesy of Jess (background: Jess & I met when LivingSocial acquired InfoEther back in 2011).

Jess and I have both been working on side projects (hers, mine), looking for jobs, and interviewing. The smallest step concept came up during a recent Hangout and damn if it’s not one of the most useful ideas I’ve heard in a long time.

Instead of worrying about the big picture when I’m stuck and already frustrated, I can focus and make progress.

So, thanks, Jess! :punch: :two_hearts:

Sorry, Ms. Jackson: You’re Underrated. ‘Control’ at 30 by Wesley Morris

Thirty years of “Control” is a useful, if contrived, excuse to argue for Ms. Jackson’s necessity, especially as someone who knew the power of an image. Take that hoop earring with the key. It was as iconic as L L Cool J’s Kangols, George Michael’s stubble and Steven Tyler’s scarves. It was the perfect symbol for both a project called “Control” and a woman whose guard has gone down and up over the decades. People thought that key was a potential invitation, something sexy. But what if it was just self-affirming? What if she was never looking for someone to give it to?

You said it, man!

Chill Out To Slow-Motion Footage Of SpaceX Launches

And finally, this shirt cracks me up: GIT PUSH && GIT PAID by @thoughtbot